"Childhood" is the concept of our new tasting menu.
Reminisce your favourite childhood dishes home-cooked by your parents.
With a thoughtful recipe that blends Thai indigenous ingredients,
it symbolizes the connection of motherhood and nature.


In our point of view, "Mother" simply means creator who gives birth/lives to all creatures.
Relatively, Mother divided into 2 main subjects, motherhood and mother of nature.
In the diagram, it shows a collateral view between human and nature that combines reality
and emotions together with cooking. These aspects can develop into sense of space, mood and tone.
Therefore, the Mother brand will refer to neutral to masculine
theme to exhibit the mighty of Mother Nature along with idea of Mother's beloved sons.

For the tagline, Mother will use the phrase “Prosperous Eats” to highlight the wealthiness of
the nature and the love of a mother. The word “Prosperous” plants the unaccountable content
and imagination of how good the food and service Mother can provide.